Thursday, April 28, 2011

i didn't want to forget this one.

a friend said something very sweet and inspiring to me today that i'm going to keep in mind and trust.
i was talking about how ppl are getting into relationships left and right and i wonder what it is that i'm doing wrong, if there's something i should be trying, if i somehow need to make myself more something that i'm not already and expressed that this would be unlikely for me to do unless i trusted it would lead to growth (i'm only really interested in changing myself as it pertains to a fostering of growth) and expressed that it makes me feel powerless bc i know to some degree i have to be patient about timing. and he just said,

"there's going to be someone, Jessica, that is going to look at you, trust, just as you are, who is going to say,

Now that's a rather poetic variation on the "you're so awesome someone's gonna love you someday" that i usually hear. And tho I totally respect and believe and appreciate that sentiment, it was nice to get the earlier affirmation just at that time tailored just to what i needed to hear.

i could speak more on some school/life/extracurricular stuff but i'm writing a paper... sigh. and all that's not any new type of stress, it's pretty much the strange struggle it always is, i just have to fight through 2 or 3ish more weeks of it. but i can do it, right?!

mhmm. graduation soon.

p.s. i have a birthday and a particularly happy day post in my drafts waiting to be finished. i want them to be complete and convey all the awesomeness. maybe a treat to myself to finish them after papers? sssuuurreee.