Monday, March 28, 2011

it's about that time y'all

my 22nd birthday.


my brain is kind of blank. which is not a good look, considering I have a paper I need to write/finish. i finished another one Friday. this one is due Tuesday.

when i once told a friend, this summer, that i feared i was numb, he told me it was more likely i was emotionally constipated. as in, i was probably feeling so much that nothing was coming out.

i think right now i'm mentally constipated. and that's not going to work for me, so [insert metaphor for i need to release some thoughts so i can actually have developed-paper-writing and other thoughts]

i don't know yet what i'm going to do for myself today. i need to do homework. so that.

i'm also thinking my present to myself will be: writing for a couple of hours + taking a walk. where i don't know. but that might help to clear my head as well so it's probably necessary.

i'm grateful for the "happy birthday" texts and facebook posts i've already been getting. que sweet!

i'll try to celebrate my birthday more this weekend. but if i'm not careful this day will come and go like it's any other, and i might regret that later. *shoulder shrug*

so, let's brainstorm some significance of my 22nd birthday. brainfart-a-go

1. 1 year past 21.
2. my last birthday of undergrad
3. dizaammn that's deep.
4. i should review my 19th, 20th, and 21st birthdays and see how they've changed/differed & how i've grown & stuff. & stuff.
5. i want to see my family. i haven't been home since i left after winter break. that's strange for me.
6. graduation is May 18th. i don't know what i'm doing after i graduate. i want to travel. i havent the money or the where and how yet but it's going to happen. i'm okay with not knowing what's coming next. now for dealing with how my family responds to that...
7. i'm also going to go to sleep right now for my birthday.



I'll find some way to make it special. (I just gotta!)